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Telling the amazing stories behind women and their horses across the globe through drawing, photography and painting. 

Women and Horses Around the world is my new painting series where I will be traveling across the globe and telling the stories of women and their close connection with their horses.

I will be exploring why so many girls fall in love with horses at a young age and how those relationships develop through their lives and into womanhood. I am also producing a coffee table book of my photography, travel sketches, and each final oil painting of each subject. I already have 15 amazing women and their horses signed up, I am currently painting my second piece in the series and I am looking for 10-20 more women from every corner of the world.

This is such an exciting project I want to paint everyone from polo players to cowgirls, to perhaps even the little girl with only a rocking horse. This series is about exploring cultures, countries and how these relationships are impacted, it is also about how horses and women have both been liberated over the years as our everchanging world constantly twists and turns and women develop more power. If you know any amazing women who have a close relationship with a horse and you think that they would make amazing subjects for me please put me in touch, email me directly at

This is going to be a 3-year project and this is just the beginning much more to come...

Find me on Patreon page to see the behind the scenes of my travels. Meet my subjects, photography from the shoots and then when I am back in my studio in London I will be doing tutorials on the process of creating the painting, time lapses and detailed "makings of" of each painting.

I will reward my patrons with special access to footage, videos, tutorials and prints. If you do not want to become a patron but would like to donate to this project please click the button below.


I am constantly searching for new subjects to star in my series. If you know any interesting women who have a strong bond with their horse and whom you would like to put forward for my series please put me in touch I am searching for subjects in the following cities & countries:

  • Dubai

  • Saudia Arabia

  • Bahrain

  • Qatar

  • Spain/ Barcelona

  • Mongolia

  • Mexico 

  • South Africa

  • Nigeria

  • USA

  • France

  • Argentina

  • India

  • Japan

  • China

  • Sri Lanka

  • Korea

  • Cuba 

  • Israel

  • Australia

  • New Zealand