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Watercolour on cold pressed paper, January 2017, 22" x 15"

Let's travel west. Thel Well who was one of my favorite horse artists when I was a child is still to this day one of the main inspirations. I would say he was the best cartoonist out there. He is best known for creating cartoons of little girls with naughty fat ponies. The setting is all very English countryside and the riding style is British. If you ever grew up being a member of the pony club then you can relate to his world. I owned every Thelwell book going and I had a book called Thelwell's Pony Panorama and in that book was a section called "Let's go west". In the let's go west section he switches from the English countryside and goes out to Western North America. Its all in drawn in an America style of an old-school Western with cowboys and Native Americans. The sense of adventure is immense, and still to this day when I am feeling grey and dull in London I think back to these drawings. When I started to paint this western style horse, I could not help to think back to this sense of adventure and what inspired me all those years ago. I have on the agenda a trip to this part of the world to collect some adventure style inspiration for paintings. I would like to do my own western adventure painting series and this watercolour painting was the start of it.

Main Colours: Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Paynes Grey, Gold

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