“Your artwork is amazing! Ru & I love it!”
— Edward Enninful, Editor-in-Chief British Vogue

Welcome to Caroline Towning Art- home to horse art.
Caroline is an equestrian artist living in London with her whippet and husband. Drawing horses ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil she developed a deep love and affection towards these spectacular animals from a very early age. 

Caroline specializes in large-scale horse paintings on canvas and covers: horse racing art, horse head painting, eventing, dressage, showjumping and human portrait painting. Each painting can take months to compete and she has been known to spends days on the most intricate of details.

"Every time you look at one of my horse paintings I want you to really feel that the horse is in the room with you. It's not just about capturing that majestic presence, I almost want you to feel the horses breathe come off the canvas, this is the core essence from which I start every single one of my paintings"

Caroline's paintings create an atmospheric presence creating the ultimate horse decor for any equestrian home. The most recent original paintings for sale are under originals. She also offers a small range of framed horse prints and horse prints on canvas under the prints section.

Every 3-6 month's Caroline releases a limited edition horse glicee print which will be available on a first come first serve basis, if you would like to hear first about print release dates then please sign up to Caroline's mailing list here and you will be alerted as soon as the horse print becomes available. 

Caroline has produced a small equestrian gifts section on the website under the lifestyle section. Here you will find luxury horse presents and horse gifts for the equestrian in your family. She only makes small runs of each product to keep the lines exclusive. 

If you would like more information about art commissions please contact her at Art@CarolineTowning.com or have a look at the commission's section.



Caroline Towning's horse art prints are the perfect statement piece to complete the final horse decor to any equestrian home. The horse prints also make wonderful horse gifts for horse lovers everywhere.

Here you will find a carefully curated art print shop showcasing horse prints on canvas and a range of framed horse prints. All framed horse prints come with the choice of 3 beautiful frames or the choice of unframed. 
The horse canvas prints are all printed on artist quality canvas and carefully hand-stretch to a gallery wrap standard.
All prints and frames are made and manufactured in the UK. Every 3-6 months Caroline will release a limited edition Giclee fine art print which will come boxed with a certificate or authenticity. If you would like to hear about print release dates please sign up to Caroline's mailing list. 


 Caroline Towning | White Horse Painting | London

Caroline Towning | White Horse Painting | London

Caroline Towning | Contemporary Equestrian Artist | Equine Art


Caroline grew up near Harrogate in Yorkshire surrounded by dogs and horses. Her mother had ridden and kept horses for her entire life and Caroline had been taught to ride before she could even properly talk. It was no surprise that her first drawings were of horse and dogs. 

As a young child Caroline always had a pony and as she grew into her teens she became a keen amateur showjumper and became a familiar face on the Yorkshire circuit. Most of her younger years were spent riding through the Harewood Estate with friends and looking after her horses kept at Wikefield Farm. 

As a young equestrian artist, she would spend hours studying the horse sitting in the stable and during the summer she would sit in the fields sketching the horses grazing. These early years gave her a good grounding in the understanding of how to draw horses. Spending so much of her early years with horses has given her a deep understanding of the animal.  

Caroline currently lives in London and works mainly on large-scale horse paintings on canvas. Her much-loved medium is oil but she also does a series of watercolour sketches before embarking on any new painting. Her mission is to capture the essence of the horse and each painting is meant to bring the presence of the horse into the room with the viewer. The paintings are about bring the horses closer to the human. 

If you would like to speak to Caroline about art commissions please email her directly: Art@CarolineTowning.com


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Caroline's artist, lifestyle and travel blog allows you to step behind the scenes and find out more about the life as an equestrian artist. Being a horse artist is a constant journey full of experimentations, research, inspiration, and creativity. Caroline's blog is a journey about how she uses art to record, portray and help understand how to paint horses and capture horses onto a canvas.
Living in London Caroline is always documenting exhibitions she attends, artists she likes and where she finds inspiration around the city. She also likes to travels out of London to photograph and find horses for subjects in her paintings. 

If you would like to know more about Caroline or are interested in art commissions please drop Caroline an email directly at Art@CarolineTowning.com