Your artwork is amazing! Ru & I love it!
— Edward Enninful, Editor-in-Chief British Vogue


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We just loved the picture you painted of Pam’s horse Trigger. It brought tears to her eyes and now hangs in our living room.
— James Gossage, Horse Ranch Owner
The incredibly talented Caroline has produced some stunning pieces of dog portraiture for me, I am always astounded at the speed and quality of her work.

The breathtaking pieces she produces are always undeniably accurate and true to the subject, no matter how similar the dogs may be in appearance, it is always easy to identify each and every painting immediately.

I cannot recommend Caroline’s work highly enough and I am particularly taken by her latest venture of oil painting on glass. The unique quality this technique affords is an effortless immortalisation of the animals and a magic far beyond the realms of a mere photograph.
— Naira Kirch, Dog Behavioural Specialist
Christ! That is bloody amazing Caroline. I had no doubts it wouldn’t be good but I just cannot get my head around that detail. Absolutely spot on. It is Ernie in every way!
— Dan Pimm, Whippet Owner
Caroline Towning is one of the best illustrators I have come across. I commissioned CT on a fashion project recently and it’s got publishers talking! I am so excited at what was achieved and can’t wait for everyone to see it✨ Thank you for bringing to life a dream. Looking forward to more collaborations. PS: She’s a joy to work with. She’s like a friend you’ve known all your life. Thank you Caroline!
— Marion Ayonote, Fashion Designer
Caroline is just brilliant. I had a picture recreated for a friend as a gift and she had to improvise with pictures from his childhood that were very old low in pixel and not easy to sketch at all. Caroline did a brilliant job and I had approached a few artists before her that insisted on being great at what they do in their testimonials but then wouldn’t take on the task as it seemed too difficult to recreate :) Caroline wasn’t fearful of that at all she took on the commissioned piece for me despite the difficulties surrounding it and delivered a beautiful sketch within a couple days and she made sure I was happy with it. In future if I need an art piece I will always go back to Caroline - Natalie
— No Lay, Musician
We are getting married and knew exactly what we wanted our invitation to be- a biting family portrait, in the style of Gilray’s political satires. I knew that Caroline would appreciate the humour and tone of the commission, which she did, and that she had the skill to execute. Copying the world’s most famous satirist is no easy feat but she did it- perfectly. You can tell that it’s a Gilray reference in ways I would never have known to specify- brush stroke, symbolism etc. She just got it. We are in love with the picture, it set the standard for the whole wedding, and it will sit it our living room in pride of place. She really is the best of the best at what she does, and to work with.
— Lucy Kagan, Bride to Be