Woman in Art & BFAMI Summer Luncheon | Art Event | London

Woman in Art | BFAMI Summer Luncheon | Art Event | London | Woman's Art Lunch | The Dorchester

Please proceed if your compelled and don’t if you’re not
— Jenny Holzer

Today I had the most inspiration and wonderful lunch at The Berkely Hotel in Belgravia. The lunch was for the Woman in Art organisation which was founded in 2001 and the BFAMI. The lunch is not only a fundraiser to help support educational programmes in art but also celebrates the most deserved woman in the art world.

Today's guest of honour was Jenny Holzer, RA who was in conversation with BBC's Arts Editor Will Gompertz. Jenny who lives and works in New York is known for her challenging texts which are put on neon scrolling signs and often hidden in urban environments.

She was one of these people while being interviewed became very telling in what she didn't say. Her answers were slow and too the point with what she really meant betweens the lines. Will Gompertz and Jenny had a great rapport on stage and the interview was fascinating. 

Surprisingly Jenny later said in conversation that when she was younger she used to draw and paint a lot of horses, which made my heart melt.

Lunch was lovely and I met so many wonderful women in the art world, a truly wonderful afternoon well spent.