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I love the classic white Spanish horse with the long flowing mane. There is something dreamy and quite mystical about these horses.

This is a portrait painting which was created originally as a piece for my series based on a horse in Austrias in Northern Spain. Then a collector saw an earlier version of it that I had posted on Social media. He had bought a horse which looked very similar and he asked if I could tweak the painting to look like his new horse. The only real difference was the markings. He sent me a series of pictures of his horse which I then matched the markings too. The paintings took about 2-3 months to complete with allowed drying time between the layers. 

This has been my favorite painting to date. It is a pretty large piece of 36 x 48. What I really love about this particular piece is that it looks just like the painting that I had in my head before I started. This is very rare to happen. I will be releasing a limited set of prints in the up and coming months. Sign up to my mailing list below to hear first about release dates.

Main Colours: green, blue, grey, yellow