Van Gogh on Tour | The Devonshire Club | Art Event | London

Private View Hosted by Vincent van Gogh’s great-grand-nephew: Mr Vincent Willem van Gogh


Last night Simon (my best friend) and I went to a special private view at The Devonshire Club. It was hosted by Mr Vincent Willem van Gogh who is the great-grand-nephew of Vincent van Gogh and who is part of The Van Gogh Museum.

In collaboration with FujiFilm Belgium, the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam has developed an entirely new kind of reproduction called a ‘reliefograph.’ Reliefography uses three-dimensional laser scanning, digital imaging and state-of-the-art printing technologies, combined with hours of handcraft.

Van Gogh often used thick applications of paint on his canvas, making his work well suited to showcase the new technology used to produce the Van Gogh Museum Edition Collection. These high-quality limited multiples allow people to experience the power and strength of Van Gogh’s imaginative brushwork in an innovative manner, as well as to acquire their own Van Gogh masterpiece. To view a video about this new, cutting-edge technique, please Click Here.

What was amazing about these reproductions is that you were allowed to touch the surface and run your finger along to feel the paint textures. The real paintings are under about 6 sheets of glass and you are not allowed to touch so this is a unique opportunity. It was such an incredible experience to be so close to these masterpieces.