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A weekend in Paris | Visiting The Louvre, Paris | Travel Blog | Art Review

I went to Paris this weekend for a family reunion which was lovely. I have spent a lot of time in Paris, but it was looking especially beautiful this weekend as the weather was so perfect. For me, Paris is the city to visit when the weather is sunny and the streets come alive with the Parisian cafe culture. Maybe I should be more romantic about it but I have found Paris in the rain not as much fun.

My mum had never been to The Louvre and I have not been for a few years, so we decided to go on a Monday morning when I thought it would be less busy. The Louvre is one of the most famous museums in the world and home to the Mono Lisa, Venus of Milo, The Nike of Samothrake and the Dying Slave by Michelangelo and I do not think that there is a time when it is actually quiet.

The sheer scale of The Louvre is quite unbelievable, after a 15-minute cue just to get into the glass pyramid you enter a huge underground world. Tickets are only 15 euros per person, which I thought was very reasonable considering that it would take days to get around the whole place properly.

If you strip all of the art out of The Louvre and was left with the empty building, you could just spend your time walking around looking at the architecture. It is breathtakingly stunning. It is made up of the Sully Wing, Richelieu Wing and the Denon Wing. My mum and I walked around completely overwhelmed by the sheer scale,  collection and beauty, the Louvre has over a million artworks in its collection, there is not a chance you can take everything in, it would take weeks possibly a lifetime to look at everything properly.

When we finally got to The Mono Lisa I found the crazed hype around the painting far more interesting than the actual painting. There must have been a crowd of about 100 people deep all trying to get a selfie with the painting, it was quite a scene to watch.