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Painting A Horse Painting

I created this painting over the course of a few months. I wanted to experiment with mark making. My style tends to be realistic and I wanted to try and experiment with the process of breaking down an object.

I find clouds quite hard to paint, its keeping their fluffy texture soft and light that is what I find most challenging. In this painting I really had to play with the sky. It went though lots of different transitions as I was trying to work out exactly how much I wanted to paint in and then how much I then wanted to make abstract.

The beach cobbled floor I had the most fun with. As this was hard and bumpy I decide to go in really thick and heavy with the paint. I used a really thick linseed oil which took ages to try but dried really hard and shiny in a thick texture. I also put a little bit of gold foiling into the cobbles.

The sea I am really happy with. I was a little more in my comfort zone as I could spend time painting in all the detail and the tiny splashes of water.

To make parts of the painting abstract I actually used a roller brush and literally dipped it in some paint and rolled it over wet bits of the painting to start breaking down parts. This was really out there for me as I love to paint things perfectly and to start abstracting things which are already painted goes against everything I normally do.

I am really pleased with the finally result. This is not like something that I normally paint and abstracting parts of the painting is something that I really want to explore more.

Horse Art | Abstract Horse Art

Horse Art | Abstract Horse Art