Richa Vora | Art Exhibition | The Nehru Centre | Art Review | London

From the window I see something so pure, so real, it evokes in me a connection, a connection to my hometown in India. I look at this and my mind calms…

The people, the places I see once more…

I see the rise of light and a source of energy that fulfils me, balancing the busy city life of London and reminding me of our spiritual connection.

Sometimes when it rains and the mists come, an ache rises in my heart and soul for Home. Some of the works on display are part of my introspection about myself, some reflections on my life and home - the trees, jungles, lakes, mountains wrapped together in the incredible life of the sunlight there. I think I was not good with words, these paintings tell my story.
— Richa Vora

Richa Vora | Art Exhibition | The Nehru Centre | Art Review | London | The Only Window Opens Inward

This evening I was lucky enough to visit The Nehru Centre in Mayfair for the private view of "The Only Window Opens Inward" by Indian artist Richa Vora.

This was one of these exhibitions which made me want to go home and paint. Her work is so tremendously beautiful, it really captures her view of India. Using thickly applied glossy oil paint, her work was almost abstract from up close and sheer perfection when you stood a few steps back.

Every one of her pieces captures the emotion of her subject and their environment. She uses a vibrant orange/ red colour palette which really portrays rich colours that one associates India with.

Her exhibition funds until the Friday the 19th of May and if you are around Mayfair I strongly recommend that you go, it's stunning.