Pencil Study | Composition Ideas | Hummingbird Drawing

Pencil Study | Composition Ideas | Hummingbird Drawing | Pencil Portrait

I have been working on a series of pencil sketches recently. These are studies to help with composition ideas for paintings. The subjects are hummingbirds interacting with a woman in a very feminine way. They represent spirituality and good fortune. 

My intention is to take these compositions into large oil on canvas paintings, but before I do I will work on some small watercolour studies first to give myself the chance to experiment with colour. I am really looking forward to working on these as the hummingbirds are so bright its really fun to have the freedom to paint with so many different colours instead of a restricted colour palette.

With these studies, I am really trying to make the hummingbirds look as comfortable and relaxed with the human as I can, almost as if they are part of her. This is all part of my ongoing "spirit animal" theme.