Painters' Paintings | The National Gallery | The Groucho Club | Art Review

In the end, nothing goes with anything. It’s your taste that puts things together
— Lucian Freud

Painters' Paintings | The National Gallery | The Groucho Club | Art Review

I joined another art trip with The Groucho Club to see an exhibition which I was really excited about called Painters' Paintings at The National Gallery.

The exhibition featured Lucian Freud, Henri Matisse, Edgar Degas, Frederic, Lord Leighton, George Frederic Watts, Sir Thomas Lawrence, Sir Joshua Reynolds and Sir Anthony van Dyck. 

Artist live by their own paintings but the idea behind this exhibition was what influences them are the work of others. This was a showcase of the paintings in which painters owned. It was an insight into what motivates them, who they admire, personal association, or even looking in the artist's psyche and seeing who they are in fierce competition with. 

For me, this was a huge insight into one of my favourite artists Lucian Freud who had owned works by Degas, Bacon, Auerbach and Cezanne. Looking at his art collection I felt as though I had been invited into his own private world, as though I had invaded his sitting room. 

I was also taken back by a series of oil paintings by Jean-Baptiste-Camille which was 4 stunning landscapes of swirly trees in different stages of the day starting with the dawn. These were owned by Frederic, Lord Leighton. 

The other painting which I fell in love with was by an unknown artist, possibly Jan Boeckhorst painted in the style of Sir Anthony van Dyck titled The Horses Of Achilles. This was owned by artist Sir Joshua Reynolds. It is an enigmatic painting of the immortal horse of Achilles. I just loved the drama in this piece of work and the fact that horses are my favourite subject helped.

The exhibition was just too much to take in in one go, there was just painting after painting. I felt as though I could of spent weeks there studying them all. The exhibition runs from the 23rd of June to the 4th Septmeber 2016 and is a must see. 

We all piled back to The Groucho Club for a brunch and to disuss the art.