Life Drawing | Shoreditch House | Bella's Bits & Bobs | Art Event | London

Life Drawing | Shoreditch House | Bella's Bits & Bobs | Art Event | London

Last night was spent having fun life drawing at The Shoreditch House which was hosted by the lovely and energetic Bella Bits & Bobs.

I absolutely love life drawing and have always believed that it is like going to the gym for your drawing skills. As I have been painting so much for the last few weeks I feel really rusty and was so happy when my friend Agnieszka invited me to go.

We arrived at Shoreditch house and the event was in the library which is a beautiful wooden room with views of the city behind. The class was romantically set up around a log burning fireplace and all the equipment had already been laid out by Bella. 

There was a lovely group of people, everyone was super friendly and the evening was very relaxed. Bella gave advice and tips on drawing and was walking around helping people. The fabulously curvaceous model Lily was a joy to draw and she was a fantastic model holding poses like a pro.

Half was through the class Bella handed out chocolate pots and nibbles for our 10-minute break before we set off again on some longer poses. The 2-hour class went so quickly and before I knew it our time was up. This was definitely the most glamorous setting in which I have ever been life drawing in.

It was such a fantastic event and I can not wait to go to the next one.