Dale Chihuly | The Arts Club | The Halcyon Gallery | Art Review | London

Dale Chihuly | The Ebony Suite | Private View | The Halcyon Gallery | Art Review | London

Wednesday evening I was treated to a special private view courtesy with Mayfair's The Arts Club at The Halcyon Gallery on Bond Street.

The Halcyon gallery which was founded in 1982 opened it's new Bond Street Gallery in 2011. The new gallery spans over 5 floors and is a truly magnificent space. 

We were taken for a private tour of The Ebony Suite which has a showcase of American glass artist Dale Chihuly's work. Born in 1941 Dale Chihuly works with glass and has pushed the boundaries of the art of glass blowing. 

He works with clear glass then adds the color afterward so that he has more control over the effect. He is constantly experimenting and doing things with glass blowing that were previously seen impossible.

His work is so breathtakingly beautiful. I loved the delicate organic shapes and the colors- absolute magic.