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Painting Style | Horse Artwork | Horse Painting Artists

The last few months I have been experimenting with a lot of different mediums and techniques in order to carve out a new style. 

It's frustrating, as I can see what I am trying to achieve in the forefront of my mind but I can not for the life of me transfer that onto a piece of paper.

I have been working on quite a few different composition ideas all based around the woman and her 'power animal" which I will then take into oil on canvas. I would like the style to stay coherent and consistent throughout the paintings which is why I am working hard defining exactly what that will be.

I find that my style can really vary and the more I can shape and sharpen it the better my work will be. I know that it can take some artists their entire lives to find their style and can go through lots of different styles during that long lengthy process. I am looking at other artists work and breaking down how they are doing things then cherry picking certain techniques and using them for my own work.

Last week I had a bit of a breakthrough.  Although I am not there yet with the style I think I very came close. This is a drawing and painting on watercolour paper called "Only Time Will Tell".

Halfway through drawing this I started to really dislike what I was doing.  So much so it made me abandon what I initially started which was an ink drawing using the stippling technique and then move into inks, acrylics and watercolours. As I was doing this, I started to think about my next piece of work and how I would do it differently.  I don't want it to have black ink lines with stippling I want it to look edgier.  I know sometimes my work can look really twee but I think I want to push the whole look so it is more grabbing and edgy. 

It needs to start looking more like a painting and less like a twee illustration.  So I resisted the temptation to abandon this drawing, I finished it, it's not the right style yet but it has filled my head up with lots of ideas on how to do my next piece and achieve the look that is stuck in my mind.