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Beyond Caravaggio | The National Gallery | Art Review | London | Private View | The Groucho Club

Art, drama, and murder, Caravaggio...

Yesterday morning I was lucky enough to have a private view of the new Beyond Caravaggio exhibition at The National Gallery courtesy of The Groucho Club and Nicky Carter, then followed by a slap up art brunch in the Club to discuss the art. The show took over 4 years to put together and it is a showcase of the artist, his contemporaries, and his followers.

Caravaggio's paintings were a revelation for the art world and paved the way for many to follow his style. He captured the drama, story and used high contrast lighting effects dragging the viewer's emotions right to the very moment of the painting. He started off as a still life painter and then moved to become a storyteller. He painted live models straight onto the canvas with no drawings and worked quickly.

He was insanely jealous of people copying him and when he wasn't painting he was out brawling leading a tumultuous life. He murdered someone and spent the rest of his life living in exile moving around, this caused more places to become inspired by his work.

The exhibtion at The National Gallery is absolutely stunning, you can see just how much he revolutionised painters and changed art. It is running until january the 7th and is a must see.