The Affordable Art Fair | Art Review | Hampstead Heath | London

The Affordable Art Fair | Art Review | Hampstead Heath | London | Affordable Art | Dog-Friendly 

I have been watching the Affordable Art Fair set up over last ten days as I have been walking Pegasus through Hampstead Heath every morning. It's quite exciting to watch them construct this huge exhibition hall from a dusty carpark and this evening James and I finally visited the late night preview. 

The first brilliant thing about The Affordable Art Fair is that it is dog-friendly, and not only is it dog-friendly but as you walk in there is an arty dog photo booth where they can create huge fine art prints of your pooch. There were dogs everywhere, and of course, we had to bring our whippet.

The second thing about TAAF is that its non-pretentious, and it really is non-pretentious, there is this fabulous easy fun friendly vibe which runs throughout the fair. All the galleries are friendly, down to earth and so chatty it really does add to a great energy.

This evening the music was playing, the drinks were flowing and were a tremendous selection from artists and galleries around the world. There is just so much incredible work that it really is hard to take in during one visit. 

There were a lot of well-known artists and a huge amount of emerging talent, I was just so inspired and just walking around makes me so grateful to just be there and be a part of it.

The fair is running until this Sunday which is the 14th of May and the price range is between £100- £8,000 so there really is something for everyone.