Spanish Dancing Horse Painted on Vintage Glass Frame

Horse Art Oil Painted On Vintage Glass Hanging Frame

I have fallen in love with these beautiful vintage glass hanging frames. They look really elegant and cool and I wanted to turn them into art.

I found one which had a copper edge and wanted to experiment. I have been experimenting a lot with oil painting recently and have started painting on glass. I love the smooth hard texture that glass has, I like to lean on a painting when I am working on it and sometimes find that I am limited to do this when working on a canvas for fear of stretching it.

My first glass hanging frame experiment was a little white Spanish dancing horse. One of my life dreams is to go and watch them perform at The Spanish Riding School in Vienna. I saw them when I was a really small child when they were on tour and came to the UK. It is simply one of the most beautiful sites to watch. 

I hope I managed to capture the movement of this little white Lipizzaner stallion in my oil painting. 

This is available to buy HERE