Painting Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Oil on Canvas


When Amy Winehouse died I was devastated. I was a huge fan of hers and met her once back in 2009. I was with a film producer friend of mine who had invited me to have dinner with him and David Schwimmer. David was doing a show in Covent garden at the time and I had joined them at Joe Allen's for a late night burger. We later drove up to Camden to see Amy because David was thinking of working with her.

When we arrived it was minutes after Blake had climbed on stage and proposed. The whole place was heaving and there was a mad energy in the air. I was introduced to her and she held out her hand and said: “Hi I’m Amy”. The first thing which I couldn't believe was how small her frame was. I’m quite a big girl and when I held out my hand back to say “Lovely to meet you, I am Caroline” I couldn't stop looking at just how small her shoulders were. 

Even then you could see the roller coaster she was on. We all ended up back in a lock in around the corner upstairs in a Camden pub where she used to work. Half way through the lock in she started clearing away glasses and sweeping the floor just to help out. She was so down to earth and just normal. 

A few years before that I remember the first time I heard her voice. It was the days of terribly designed myspace pages and I clicked onto my friend's page and he had the video Rehab which started playing. I remember stopping and thinking, OMG who is this? I was hooked on her voice from the second I first heard her. 

I did see the documentary, Amy. and I had mixed feelings about it. I found the whole situation incredibly sad. I also feel that she could have been saved and was very close to it, it was her very small framed body which just said no in the end. 

I wanted to paint a portrait of her to show how much she means to me. I wanted to paint her looking beautiful, bright green eyes, full red lips and translucent skin. I also wanted to make her look happy. I feel that she wasn't protected while she was here so I wanted to paint her with a strong spirit animal. I gave her an English Bull Terrier as I felt that would be a strong friend and protector in her next journey. 

I started this painting a year ago but have only recently finished it just as the 5th anniversary of her passing. I will soon release a set of 25 limited editions prints which will go on sale before the end of the year.