The Making of A Colouring Book- A Colourful Mind

Adult Colouring Book A Colourful Mind


Last summer I self published a colouring book called A Colourful Mind.  Adult colouring books have become really popular in recent years and I thought it would be a really fun and interesting project to make one.  

I wanted to create a big hard back book with extra thick paper which could be used for inks and paints. I spent a lot of time sourcing book binders and finally found a British printers who could achieve the right results. 

The great thing about making a colouring book is that there are no rules, I could turn anything into a colouring book. I chose a theme around dreams, mythology and wild animals which included all my favourite subjects to draw and set off to work.

I loosely wrote a plan of what I wanted to fill my 32 pages with, I made a Pinterest board of inspiration and then I let my imagination take over.  

I started each page with a loose pencil sketch of the idea, I used plenty of references from the internet and books I had found. I find that I have an idea and then as I'm drawing it begins to develop into a life of its own.  

Once I was happy with the sketch I then drew over it with a black ink pen. I love great line work and spent a lot of time getting the shapes and thickness of the lines correct. I used to be an animator and I know how powerful line thickness can be, if done well it can really give the illusion of weight and movement. An inked drawing from start to finished would take me around 2 days. Once I was finished I scanned in the design and took it into photoshop to clean up the lines. 

I made 32 illustrations and laid them all out in Indesign. The front cover was designed in Photoshop, colouring in the butterfly with a colourful gradient. The butterfly represents the mind becoming colourful. 

I paired the illustrations with quotes and a title to give each one a meaning or a thought. At the back of the book I left some pages for "thoughts and doodles" which the owner could use if inspired.

I sent the book off to print and I when I finally got it back I was so happy with the results. It was beautiful and the front cover spot UV finish just looked lovely.

I threw a little launch party to celebrate at The Hotel Cafe Royal which consisted of colouring, cake and music. We sold out of stock at the launch party and the book carried on selling brilliantly there after. 

A Colourful Mind is available via the shop on this website.