Whippet Pencil Study

I have a whippet called Pegasus who I absolutely adore. She is my little shadow and my best friend. I always wanted to have a whippet, I love their elongated shape and just think that they are beautiful. A lot of my earlier drawings of people and animals were always distorted, quite angular and "whippet like".

I also have a fascination with painter Lucian Freud. He (like) me had a passion for horses and dogs and used to keep whippets. In some of his paintings he had a brindle whippet just like Pegasus and so I drew this in homage to him. 

I was really pleased with the way the pencil sketch turned out and I especially like the flowing shape of the legs. So much so I have decided to turn this one into an oil and use Lucian Freud's brindle whippet oil paintings as inspiration.


My drawing of Pegasus  

 Pegasus my brindle whippet  

Pegasus my brindle whippet